Blast Primer

Blast Primer

This tool generates primers based on the Homologous BLAST Hits.
Here's an example input file

Upload a fasta file to begin:


Additional Parameters

E-value (Adjust E-value for BLAST Hit Stringency)

FastaTag For Output Will use FastaTag for filename

Resolve Nucleotide Variation Between Species
Default "Yes", disregard varying nucleotide between query and database, will use nucleotide in database for primer.
If selected "No", N would be placed on location with variable nucleotide. Non-conserved region would not be used as primer

Webserver Citation:

Schountz T, Shaw TI, Glenn TC, Feldmann H, Prescott J. Expression profiling of lymph node cells from deer mice infected with Andes virus. BMC Immunol. 2013 Apr 9;14(1):18.

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